CRM Optimisation

CRM projects are often born from an acute need for change and every CRM project is a transformational one. Therefore it is typical for updates and improvements to the system to stall while the business digests the impact of the major changes. During this time the rest of the organisation moves on and the CRM management team find they have a gap between the operational design of the CRM and the changing requirements of the business.

NFP Tech can help optimise and improve your existing CRM implementation by reviewing and refreshing your requirements. Some of the common tasks are:

  • Business analysis to refresh requirements where the business has changed since go-live
  • Review and prioritise requirements
  • Provide CRM architect expertise to estimate work
  • Create new development backlog
  • Develop plan for delivery of changes
  • Set up BAU process to keep the CRM system updated

The overall goal, apart from the delivery of the needed requirements, of any CRM Optimisation project will be to leave the customer with processes and tools needed for them to maintain the system and to rapidly respond to the changing needs of their wider organisation.

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