CRM Strategy & Selection


There are many CRM systems competing for your attention, from large enterprise CRMs to small bespoke solutions and systems specific to the sector. Each one claims it has the right features, processes and support – so how do you select the right one for you?

NFP Tech is completely independent and vendor-agnostic, which means we can provide impartial, expert advice on how to evaluate and select the CRM solution that will exactly match your organisation’s needs. Selecting a CRM shouldn’t just be a case of comparing features and costs. Instead, it’s important that as part of the process you understand all the benefits you expect to receive from the CRM.

NFP Tech can help you build a business case for a CRM system, create and manage the tender process, form a project team to oversee the implementation and manage the project to a successful completion.



Managing a new CRM or updating an existing one requires a high level strategy to be successful. Very often the operational needs of a project are seen as a strategy but once the project is over the value of the CRM will start to decline as there won’t be an overarching strategy to maintain focus.

NFP Tech can help be working with you to define a strategy for your CRM that starts with today’s requirements and projected needs for the future. The strategy will broadly look at:

  • Define the high level business objectives and data strategy. Starting with day one and projecting to a reasonable timeframe (3-5 years)
  • Understanding current issues and challenges. For example does your team have the information and skills needed to meet changes? Is time being wasted on inefficient processes? Are there technical blocks or gaps to getting a full view of the supporter?
  • Identify the supporter journeys and the journeys for internal customers. CRM systems are as much for internal “customers” as they are for better serving your supporters.
  • Identify measures of success and KPIs. Then once they have been identified measure the current state of play so you can make informed decisions based on hard data.
  • Identify critical business or technical milestones. For example product updates, finance processing changes, regulatory changes and large events are some of the things to consider and possibly build into the strategy.
  • Create a communication plan for sharing the actionable items within the strategy, progress charts that show what has been implemented and where. Create an ongoing education, self-learning and training program to keep staff and users engaged.
  • Define owners, roles and responsibilities for the CRM system, from steering committee to database manager(s) and operational manager(s).
  • Review the existing data strategy, identify any gaps or issues and refine as needed. Plan for regulatory or technical changes that could affect the data strategy.

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